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LCC Pump - Extra Heavy

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LCC Extra-Heavy, Metal Series (LCC-H)
Extra-heavy, hard metal LCC slurry pumps feature heavier sections and modified hydraulics. They are suited for severe slurry duties and feature two-stage pressure capability. LCC-H slurry pumps are available in six to 12 inch (150 to 300 millimeters). Impellers are cast of hard metal or polyurethane.

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Item #


Pump Shaft Diameter

Motor Hp

Motor Rpm


Motor Mount Type

LCC-HH 150-500-3 150-500 (6x8-20) 70 mm 125 hp 1800 rpm 1800 gpm Hinged offset
LCC-HH 200-610-4 200-610 (8x10-24) 100 mm 200 hp 1200 rpm 3000 gpm Hinged offset
LCC-HH 250-660-4 250-660 (10x12-26) 100 mm 250 hp 1200 rpm 5000 gpm Hinged offset
LCC-HH 300-710-4 300-710 (12x14-28) 100 mm 250 hp 1200 rpm 8000 gpm Hinged offset
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 

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