GIW delivers non-stop solutions for boosting productivity and profits. The MDX pump, the heart of the mill circuit, tackles the most extreme duty conditions.

The features of the MDX pump combine to create a head / quantity and efficiency curve critical forefficient mill operation. The final result is a large BEP "sweet spot" providing stable sump levels over a large variation of flows. The MDX pump maximizes productivity and minimizes cost by matching operating cycle times with scheduled mill outages.

Select the MDX for your next mill circuit application to help ensure cost-effective and continuous operations.
Unit of Measure


Assembly Number

N/A 0809X

Suction Flange

N/A 26" (Dimensions Similar to 30" ANSI 300# Flange)

Discharge Flange

N/A 24" (Dimensions Similar to 28" ANSI 300# Flange)


N/A 2500 hp Motor

Total Length Pump Assembly

N/A 347.64 in8830.06 mm

Pump Length to Suction Face

N/A 130.30 in3309.62 mm

Pump Length to Discharge

N/A 111.8 in2839.72 mm

Distance between Shafts (Pump - Reducer)

N/A 3.3858 in86.0 mm

Reduce Length

N/A 53.7 in1364.0 mm

Distance between Shafts (Reducer - Motor)

N/A 0.25 in6.35 mm

Motor Length

N/A 160.00 in4064.00 mm

Base Length

N/A 265.63 in6747.00 mm

Base Width

N/A 86.10 in2187.00 mm

Base to Pump Centerline

N/A 56.40 in1432.60 mm

Distance between Centerline Pump and Motor

N/A 30.00 in762.0 mm

Height from Centerline Pumps to Discharge Flange Face

N/A 56.40 in1432.60 mm


GIW Pump
Gear Reducer
HS Coupling
LS Coupling
GIW Subbase

Design Features

Lower Specific Speed Design
A large diameter impeller results in slower pump operation resulting in extended parts wear life. In addition, the lower specific speed allows the pump operations to meet the variable flow conditions confronted in modern mill circuits.

Up to 300 psi Pressure Rating
Thicker cross sections translate into long and reliable pump service life.

Deep Base Circle
Minimizes aggressive particle impingement providing a "sliding" wear action. Typical abrasive wear drops dramatically.

Oversize Shrouds
Enhanced vane performance provides added clearing action minimizing recirculation and wear between the impeller and suction liner.

Patented Inlet 5V Impeller
Designed to handle both liquid and solid phases within the slurry. This maximizes pump performance and wear life.

Patented Slurry Diverter
GIW’s latest technology dramatically increases suction liner life by reducing particle recirculation between the impeller and liner.

Adjustable Suction Liner
Extended suction liner wear life maximizes productivity and minimizes cost by matching operating cycle times with scheduled mill outages.