• LCC Pump - Metal

    The LCC-M Series Slurry Pump is a hard metal, horizontal, end-suction, centrifugal slurry pump. These pumps are available in single-wall, hard-iron construction.

    The hydraulic wet end consists of three components: a shell or casing, an impeller that screws onto the shaft and a suction plate/liner to permit easy assembly and disassembly for maintenance and inspections.

    The LCC-M slurry pump does not require a separate outer housing.


    • A horizontal shaft.
    • A single-wall shell.
    • A three-vane impeller and a suction plate/liner of high-chrome white iron for long, predictable wear life.
    The pumps are suitable for high-discharge head, mildly corrosive slurries and a wide range of particle sizes. Custom materials are available for highly corrosive slurries.

  • LCC Pump - Rubber

    LCC-R Slurry Pumps are heavy-duty slurry pumps for abrasive or abrasive-corrosive service. These pumps are available in split-case, elastomer-lined construction.

    LCC Rubber-Lined Series (LCC-R)
    The LCC Rubber-Lined Series features a split-casing design with molded, replaceable rubber liners. The molded liner may be specified in a variety of natural and synthetic rubbers. Natural gum rubber is standard. The liners offer a shore-A hardness of 30-40 with a tensile strength minimum of 2,700 psi (18 n/mm2).

    The liners are vulcanized to metal backing plates and captured at the split casing, suction discharge flanges and stuffing box area to maintain hydraulic and hydrostatic integrity.

    LCC-R slurry pumps feature:

    • Double-wall construction with an outer ductile-iron casing and inner molded-rubber liners.
    • Three-vane impellers cast of hard metal or polyurethane.
    LCC-R slurry pumps are suitable for moderate discharge head, fine particles and highly corrosive slurries.

  • LCC Pump - Extra Heavy

    LCC Extra-Heavy, Metal Series (LCC-H)
    Extra-heavy, hard metal LCC slurry pumps feature heavier sections and modified hydraulics. They are suited for severe slurry duties and feature two-stage pressure capability. LCC-H slurry pumps are available in six to 12 inch (150 to 300 millimeters). Impellers are cast of hard metal or polyurethane.